Sep 2

What is Growing There?

Posted by Simon

This has happened to everyone who travels.  You are driving along and you see a field of something.  You want to know what it is.  And you wish there was a sign that said Almonds or Cotton or Sorghum.


Pretty soon there will be an app for that.  After you download the app ($3.00) to your iPhone you will be able to point your camera at a field and it will tell you what is growing there.  Pretty cool.

The technology will be an adaptation of already existing stuff like Google Maps, Zillow, Bridge Hunter and Wickipedia.  If you intuitively understand how this could work you are the one to build and market this app.

The beauty is that the revenue stream will come not just from app sales but also from advertisers like local merchants near where you are and agribusinesses who want to influence you.

You see problems.  I see opportunities.

2 Responses to “What is Growing There?”

  1. Simon Burrow Says:

    I just heard tonight that there is an iPhone app that identifies leaves from photos. Everything is amazing

  2. Snorkel Hunter | SWCAMBORNE Says:

    […] website that I have touted before is Bridge Hunter.  It is a user developed guide to the historic and interesting bridges in the United States.  […]