Apr 19


Posted by Simon

These are some pictures from the cellphonehenge installation in Pasadena last weekend: If you click on any of the pictures you will be taken to the Flickr site and can see a slide show of all the cellphonehenge pictures
Aerial View

An aerial view of cellphonehenge note that the phones in the outer ring are older and therefore it is assumed that it predates the inner ring and the altar phone.

The Avenue of Pagers Approach

This view shows the “Avenue of Pagers” leading up to the henge.

A view of the Altar phone

This view from the west show how the light from the setting sun at the summer solistice shines through the Motorola arch and on the altar stone. The astronomical knowledge required to build these ancient henges was phenomenal.

Thanks to Lillian and Rebecca for there help constructing the henge, to Nurit for her patience and good humored acceptance of the phenomenon and to Shari Cates for collecting many of the phones over the years.
Other historic henges that will appear soon are: Umbrellahenge, Potatohenge, Brickhenge and of course the Stonehenges. Both the original in Washington State, USA and the copy in Salisbury Plains, UK.

6 Responses to “Cellphonehenge”

  1. Paula Says:

    Simon — yet another great henge structure! We just got a new laptop, and so can cheerfully donate the foundation for Laptop Henge. Sorry I can’t contribute to Camera Henge — I just keep selling them back in order to trade up. Please do advise next henge event; rest assured I’ll be there with my lastest camera. p

  2. John Austin Says:

    Have you considered: kidney stone henge, rosetta stone henge (you need it to decipher the other henges), blarney stone henge (where you spout bullshit about your henge – oh wait, that one’s covered), rolling stone henge (like stonehenge but on its side), loan henge (made up of letters offering to refi your mortgage or provide mortgage insurance), tone henge (musical instruments?) . . . Just trying to help, and to keep you occupied constructively.

  3. Simon Says:

    Suggestion from Rachel: Breadhenge

  4. Kara Says:

    Very amusing! I’m looking forward to breadhenge. Maybe I can donate some Stroehmann bread? Let me know!

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