Nov 13

Double Henge Success

Posted by Simon

And an odd, but strangely enlightening, time was had by all.

$100,000 worth of old laptops
Courtesy of Goodwill Industries
Laptophenge in all its ancient glory
A disposable society?
Fifty old laptops of course equals fifty crashed hard drive and an equal number of unhappy people.  Hopefully the joy created by Laptophenge has restored some of the karmic balance to the universe.
Building pigpothenge
The pigs presented a challenge to the ancient henge builder but on this glorious Sunday afternoon it was solved.
Unpacking the pigs
“Ode to a Henge” an original poem was recited by its author Rachel B. to general acclaim.
Henge Bard
The Bard of Henging
The search for hidden meaning often passes through the wine cellar.
Still to come:
  • The text of the “Ode to a Henge”
  • The participants survey results
  • The Etymologists report
  • The sponsors official thank you
  • Awesome photographs from the official photographer

“And a good henge was had by all”

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